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Labour Law

In addition to the "classic" areas of labour law (dismissal, warning, wages, issuing references, etc.), our labour law advice includes, in particular, advice on co-determination under works constitution law and on collective agreements. We advise on data protection issues in the workplace and in the relationship between employer and employee as well as on the particularities of employment in the IT sector. Furthermore, at the interface with corporate law, we specialise in the particularities of employment relationships between managing directors or board members and companies as well as restructuring and transfers of undertakings.

Labour Law

  •     Termination of the employment relationship
  •     Employment and termination agreements
  •     Legal action against dismissal
  •     Warning letters
  •     Compensation settlements
  •     Termination agreements
  •     Fixed-term employment
  •     Wage, salary, certificate and holiday claims
  •     Contract design
  •     Data protection in the workplace
  •     Dealing with the works council
  •     Works council elections
  •     Reconciliation of interests & social plan
  •     Company agreements
  •     Conciliation bodies
  •     Compliance guidelines


Johannes Zimmermann
Certified lawyer for IT law
Certified lawyer for labour law
MWW Rechtsanwälte Dr. Psczolla Zimmermann PartG mbB

tel.: 0261 98868000 or 0228 29971280

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Stephanie Schunk
Attorney at Law

MWW Rechtsanwälte Dr. Psczolla Zimmermann PartG mbB

Tel.: 0261 98868000 or 0228 29971280

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